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Susan A. Russell 
Public/Media Relations ■ Creative Writing ■ Video Production ■ Spokesperson
Susan's Strengths 
Strengths Finder 
Top Five Themes

■ Activator - TURNS THOUGHTS INTO ACTION:  Instinctively transforms ideas from conceptual theory into immediate action to get things moving. Can easily energize the plans and ideas of others while creating within them motion and momentum. Energized, not paralyzed, by opportunities and possibilities. Excellent conversation starter, especially with outsiders or newcomers, that routinely has strangers talking about themselves and their interests. 

■ Ideation - FASCINATED BY IDEAS, ALWAYS SEEKING CONNECTIONS: Original, highly imaginative, innovative thinker able to generate novel concepts, theories, plans, or solutions. Refuses to be stifled by traditions or trapped by routines. Often the originator of fresh ideas for brand-new campaigns, business ventures, initiatives, or special events.  

■ Communication - EASILY PUTS THOUGHTS INTO WORDS:  Feels a need to take static ideas and events turning them into stories to enliven, energize and make them exciting and vivid. It's about survival —  whether an idea, an event, a product's features and benefits, a discovery or a lesson  — often wants to capture a person's attention and lock it in. Gifted at fostering dialogue among peers and colleagues piquing their interest sharpening their world and inspiring them to act.

 Strategic - INNOVATIVE, ORIGINAL, INVENTIVE & RESOURCEFUL: Innate skill to easily walk through the clutter and find the best route to proceed by quickly spotting the relevant patterns and issues.  Instinctively anticipates and projects. Very resourceful with original ideas when it comes to problem solving beyond the commonplace, the familiar, or the obvious.

​■ Adaptability - GOES WITH THE FLOW:  Flexible with ability to calmly and intelligently respond to changing circumstances. Thrives and finds success with variety. Easily monitors and adjusts activities as situations arise or new resources become available.

Always the consummate media professional. Susan's style makes you better and more focused. She's connected, extremely knowledgeable, and she made my job so easy that I felt like an old pro after our work. 

~Dr. Daphne Houston, Dallas,TX  Author/Consultant, The Work Doctor