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Susan A. Russell 
Public/Media Relations ■ Creative Writing ■ Video Production ■ Spokesperson
What Susan Can Do For You
■ Add innovative, relevant and compelling video presentations to your website, e-mail campaigns and your social media routine.  Susan’s know-how from 20+ years experience in TV news, video production and marketing will add sizzle and make it happen.  

■ Capture your television audience with storytelling that is creative, meaningful,and genuine.  Susan’s skill as an award winning news reporter will uncover those golden  nuggets to spin a story that's gripping and has traction.

■ Handle media interviews with confidence and pizzazz while being on target. Susan’s professional media coaching, backed by her finesse as a journalistic interviewer and media talent, can give you the tools and training you need.

■ Present your message using top notch professional on-camera and voice talent. Susan’s experience as a television news anchor, reporter, show host and commercial talent will add polish and credibility to your production. 

■ Garner the attention of the modern newsroom with a quality press release that speaks the language of producers and editors.  Susan’s “street smarts” as a career journalist will uncover your true story and present it, not as a commercial, but as real news that hits the mark.

■ Orchestrate a savvy, strategic media campaign that will get results by driving publicity.   Susan’s extensive experience on "both sides of the fence" in PR and in the newsroom will serve you well. 

■ Seize your audience with innovative marketing collateral that reveals your authenticity and reinforces your brand.    Susan’s ideation, copywriting and visual layout talents combined with her  deadline driven project management skills will get it done quickly and efficiently.  

■ Develop, manage and retain key relationships to build your brand and grow your business.   Susan’s natural zeal for connectivity and building rapport combined with her polish and tenacity will do just that. 

Susan Russell’s impressive breadth and depth in media & communications offers a vast array of opportunity for you when it comes to marketing, branding and connecting in your business. 

We benefited greatly from her drive, energy, tenacity, professionalism, and her heart as well as her expeditious and enthusiastic handling of a variety of projects that routinely stretched her beyond her given skill set. 

~Michael D. Gatten
 Rio Rancho, NM - CEO/Owner, Miracle Industries, LLC.